Almada, a city steeped in history and dynamism, is witnessing the revival of yet another former workers' village in the former industrial area of Cova da Piedade: Páteo do Fontinha. Designed by Metathesis with architect Pedro Carvalho, this innovative property project offers a new paradigm in youth housing, fusing comfort, style and a touch of local nostalgia.

When it comes to building their home, most people see the architectural design as a cost. In this article, we'll show you why working with an architect and drawing up a good architectural design is not a cost, but an investment. Whether your project is for your own use or for investment, from the get go the architect should help you define your investment strategy.

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What is Architecture?

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Sustainability Evaluation System Image

#Sustainability LiderA – Sustainability Evaluation System Metathesis projects take into account the sustainability assessment system (LiderA) – which guides the building environment …

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