Bulhão Pato - Living History

The property located at Rua Bulhão Pato, nº 1 is located in the historic center of the city of Almada.

The street was named after the poet from Almada, Raimundo Bulhão Pato. He lived in the second half of the 19th century and was close to Almeida Garrett and Eça de Queiróz. He was also known for his culinary skills, more specifically for his famous clams.

Largo das Vítimas got its name after a plane crash during the First World War, which took the lives of a group of children who were playing there.

For all these reasons, the property deserved great respect for the way it was designed.

When Metathesis acquired the property, it had suffered a fire. Although the interior had been completely destroyed, the facades were saved.

The Project​

Due to the circumstances of the property’s location, it was a renovation and rehabilitation carried out almost manually, in a true artisan’s work.

From a building that originally had four two-bedroom apartments with very small areas, it was transformed into three one-bedroom apartments with a mezzanine and generous areas.

This rehabilitation brought young couples to Almada, thus combating the city’s housing degradation.

Planta do projeto Bulhão Pato
Bulhão Pato - Mezanino

3 bedroom apartments T1+1

Bulhão Pato - Interior

2 of them on mezzanine

Bulhão Pato - Interior

open space kitchen

2017 Project​

Architect Pedro Carvalho