A legacy in the city of Almada

This property was a multi-family building from the 1940s and marked the transition from a more traditional architecture to a modernist architecture with markedly straighter and less decorated lines.

The intervention aimed to adapt the building to current needs while maintaining its original transitional style.

The past, respected

In the kitchens, we sought to study the decorative elements of the period and maintain them in this building that adequately serves the needs of its residents.

Great care was taken to ensure thermal and acoustic comfort inside, with traditional Portuguese parquet flooring being installed, insulation throughout the exterior of the building and on the flooring, and although aluminium windows were chosen, double glazing with the traditional design and tones was chosen.

Two T4, one of them DUPLEX

3 WC'S

300 m2 of outdoor spaces​

A house with the Metathesis brand

Heat pumps were installed to improve energy consumption management for water heating.

Outside, there is a communal area, a large garden and two parking areas.

The landscape architecture project also focused on the correct management of water consumption and low maintenance, with preference given to Mediterranean plants that are resistant to heat.

2019 Project​

Architect Pedro Carvalho