In a former workers’ building, Metathesis has built the first Mini Loft building in the city of Almada. Páteo das Maias is aimed at the short-term rental market for young people, students and displaced people.

This is a unique concept where all expenses are included. You will also have a weekly cleaning service. This is one of the great advantages of this type of housing: the ease and speed of contracting the service. Once you sign the rental contract, you will be able to live in the space without having to go to service companies, with all the inconveniences that this entails.

Pateo das Maias -
All inclusive

Páteo das Maias offers a space with everything you need to live. The rent includes:

  • Water, electricity and Wi-Fi
  • Serviço de limpeza semanal
  • Equipment and furniture
  • Towels and sheets*
*extra cost
Quarto Páteo das Maias
Entrada Páteo das Maias

On the other hand, energy class A+ equipment and LED lighting were chosen.


The “Páteo das Maias” is the result of the redevelopment of a housing complex probably built in the first half of the 20th century in an industrial expansion area of ​​the town of Almada.

It has some of the typical characteristics of a working-class village with low-cost original construction and high housing density.

The rectangular plot is separated from the public road by a wall with a door leading to a long, narrow central courtyard, where the entrances to each of the ten small single-storey houses are distributed.

The bathroom was designed with space and environmental concerns in mind, since the water from the shower can also be used in the toilet, thus avoiding water waste.


The lofts are fully equipped and ready to move into. They all include:

Interior dos Lofts Páteo das Maias

2020 Project​

Architect Pedro Carvalho