A protocol on the path of sustainability - Metathesis | Greenworld

In the search for continuous improvement, one of Metathesis’ concerns is to have the best partners and that they are aligned with the company’s values.

We are pleased to announce the protocol with Greenworld, an Energy, Georeferencing and Telecommunications company.

Signing this partnership aims to guarantee our customers a service of excellence and the reinforcement of our policy of sustainability and environmental awareness in the execution of our real estate projects.

The Metathesis – Greenworld partnership is a contribution to a more sustainable future, a GREENER world.

“Being a partner company of Metathesis is, above all, a sign that several selection stages were successfully passed. It is also the guarantee that, as long as the partner is aligned with the company’s values, it will be by our side for many years to come.”

Isabel Dias Rodrigues – Metathesis

“At Green World, we work daily for a greener and more sustainable business environment, with the mission of establishing a “win-win” partnership with everyone involved in the process. Thus, with a partner that has the same goals and objectives as us, everything is easier to obtain a final result of excellence. “

José Lopes – GreenWorld