About us

Commited to you

Metathesis is a pioneer real estate developer, specialized in property rehabilitation and urban renewal.

Since 2003, we have developed more than fifty properties in the residential market.

We build in a rigorous and energy efficient way with the purpose of reducing environmental impact.

Our homes are honest and reliable products that meet the aspirations and values of our target.


Promote properties in urban centers by adding value to them. Minimize environmental impact through efficient energy management and use of techniques and materials with a reduced ecological footprint.


To be the reference real estate development company in Almada creating quality, innovative and energy efficient properties.


“At Metathesis each procedure is done passionately.

When we start a project, it’s with the same enthusiasm of the first project, the same concern in being different, in doing it better and more efficiently.

This care is reflected in our relationship with our clients, with whom we always have an open channel, with our collaborators, suppliers and partners.

In each phase, from the project to the sale, we seek to innovate and do it with ethics, in compliance with the norms and laws so that the final product is an honest one.

And because we know our target well and their aspirations, we think about every detail, even in the after-sales, because as Walt Disney said: “Magic things are not made by magic: it’s all in the details.”

Welcome to Metathesis!”

Isabel Dias Rodrigues

Founder and CEO

"Our work is good. We are rigorous in what we do, people can count on us. We have clients who have no problem asking us for help because we always help."
Eng. Ricardo Avelar
Construction Dpt.

We are commited to you