curricular internship in partnership with FCT

It was with great pleasure that Metathesis integrated, in its construction department, for three weeks. These two 3rd year students of the Integrated Masters of Civil Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management were part of a curricular internship in partnership with FCT Nova.

Metathesis received two students from FCT, who did an internship for two weeks.
We believe that it is essential, for a quality higher education, that students have the opportunity to complement their education through internships in a business environment. This is the only way for them to get in touch with professional reality, allowing them to have a clearer vision of the path they want to follow. It is also, on the other hand, the opportunity to better understand how a company works.

For Metathesis it was an extremely enriching experience to welcome these students. We were able to be part of their training, but also to collect their feedback and ideas regarding the company’s many processes. The internship was conducted mostly online, although there were several trips to the properties during the various construction phases.

Despite the enormous challenge of guiding a curricular internship almost entirely in an online format, practically devoid of personal contact, we believe that the two students took with them new working tools and experience for future projects!

As the company’s main asset, Metathesis is concerned with recruiting top professionals. Thanks to our investment in training we have achieved unique products that truly stand out from the competition.

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