Tradition in Modernity

At Rua Elias Garcia, 55 in Almada, a two-family dwelling built before 1951 was altered and expanded. The intervention aimed not only at constructive improvement, but above all, architectural.


In the same location, there are buildings from different architectural periods. The project assumed and intensified these different times in the same property. The popular aesthetic was followed, namely by the use of window frames and sloped roof, but the overall composition shows a contemporary order, namely by the use of embedded and detached volumes that give plasticity to the building.

Space In An Urban Center

The overall composition of the building shows a contemporary order, namely by the use of embedded and detached volumes that give plasticity to the property. The red tone assumes the modernity of the construction, both on the main and rear elevation, in conjunction with the volume of the common staircase skylight.


The height of the building was resized in order to make it compatible with the building on the left side (east) with the alignment of the slope, despite the unevenness of the street being contrary to the development in band.

On the other hand, this intervention aimed a greater urban integration in the surroundings, reducing the impact of the five-story collective housing building on the right side.


The idea of a gable roof with a gutter was kept, resulting in a better framing and relationship with the neighboring buildings, as well as a more perfect geometrization of the roof in relation to the available area and esconsa.

2 duplex fractions were created, fitted together as if they were two L’s, that is, the fraction T3 occupies the entire first floor, including the patio (uncovered area), and half of the 1st floor.


The other fraction T2 occupies half of the 1st floor and the entire 2nd floor.


The proposed intervention was much more than respect for the building and its historical framework – it was, above all, an important valorization of the existing building, an improvement of the living conditions of future inhabitants and elimination of architectural incongruities, even if they are classified as historic buildings or areas.

Elias Garcia - More than a renovation

Urban renewal is essential to the survival of old urban areas, which will only be possible with good architectural solutions for each of the buildings, in relation to an edified whole.

With this urban renewal operation, Metathesis removed a ruined building from Almada’s housing patrimony in order to build a property suitable for two young urban families that will consume in Almada, have their children in Almada and enjoy the quality of life that this city provides to young couples.

Project from 2018

Architect Luís Silva