Learn about the Company’s Responsible Consumption Policy

Metathesis has implemented a responsible consumption policy. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment and the impact that each individual action causes to the planet. They are also increasingly attentive to the development processes of services purchased from companies as well as to the action of the companies that are responsible for placing them in the market. This is a concern that METATHESIS considers extremely important and is part of its social responsibility policy.

Water saving is one of the cares to be taken.

Saving water is one of the cares to be taken.
But this concern is not enough if it is not accompanied by concrete action. It does not prevent the unbridled consumption that is typical of the modern lifestyle. The truth is that we live in an exaggerated consumption pattern, where consumption is often done on impulse without a real need.

This reality has a negative impact on personal finances but also on the environment as we consume scarce natural resources, putting future generations at risk.

In fact, every time we use an extra liter of water in our shower, every time we wash an extra kilogram of clothes, every time we consume an extra kWa, we take drinking water from the planet and waste energy resources. An important part of these resources will come from a non-renewable energy source.

The responsible consumption policy

METATHESIS has adopted a Responsible Consumption Policy called PCR that applies to its direct consumption and to its customers’ consumption.

METATHESIS PCR provides an estimated consumption per household, considering official, credible and reliable sources:

EPAL: https://www.epal.pt/EPAL/homepage

SMAS: https://www.smasalmada.pt/

EDP: https://www.edp.pt

SAVE ENERGY: https://poupaenergia.pt

These official sources provide simulators of energy, water and communications consumption per person, per household, etc..

In the properties managed by Metathesis in the rental market, the consumptions within this PCR are included in the monthly rent.

This way, from the built and commercialized properties to the care with the choice of techniques and equipment, we add a recommendation to future owners to implement responsible consumption actions.

Because the planet belongs to all and for all and, above all, because the defense of this planet is a responsibility of current generations towards future generations, Metathesis intends to be part of the solution and leave its mark, even though we are aware that we are only a drop of water. But as Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, “I am just a drop of water, but many drops of water make an ocean.”