marketing invest 2020 had the participation of metathesis

Isabel Dias Rodrigues, CEO of Metathesis, was the moderator of the lecture circle.

On March 5, in the auditorium of the Instituto Piaget, took place the Marketing Invest 2020, an annual event that aims to respond to the current problems that are posed every day to managers of SMEs.

In this way the problematic debated this year by the organization was the Impact of Climate Change on Business. Thus, we could know the perspective of a panel of speakers that included experts from various fields, from management to physics.

In fact, consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment and the impact that each individual action causes the planet.

On the other hand, consumers are more attentive to the development processes of services purchased from companies, as well as to their actions. Thus, Metathesis considers this concern of extreme importance and, in fact, it is part of its social responsibility policy.

Marketing Invest 2020, Auditório do Instituto Piaget

However, if you missed Marketing Invest 2020, we are counting on you in 2021, in an event that grows, and promises to always exceed the expectations of managers and employees of SMEs.

So get to know the Speakers Board:

  • Equipa Marketing Invest
  • João Geraldes – Piaget Management Degree Coordinator
  • Mário J. Pinheiro – Instituto Superior Técnico physics Department
  • Teresa Dias – AIP/EEN
  • Jacqueline Silva – Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia – UNL
  • José Rui Gomes – Universidade do Minho
  • Liliana Louro – ex. Bureau Veritas

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