Reflection on the sector’s problems

Real Estate Market Portugal Reflection on the main problems of the Real Estate Market – Portugal We made an analysis of the …

What is Architecture?

What is Architecture?

#Concepts What is Architecture? Architecture is an activity that uses vast knowledge in order to find the best solution for the space …

Sustainability Evaluation System Image

LiderA – Sustainability Evaluation System

#Sustainability LiderA – Sustainability Evaluation System Metathesis projects take into account the sustainability assessment system (LiderA) – which guides the building environment …

Porque são as "Passive Houses" tão importantes?

Why are Passive Houses so important?

Passive House achieve high levels of energy efficiency and contribute to the health and comfort of its inhabitants, learn more!

arquitetura paisagística

It is becoming increasingly easy to find amazing examples of sustainable landscape architecture projects that are based on Mediterranean gardens. The reason is simple: they are environmentally friendly, require little maintenance and water, and add a special charm to the building.

o que é um promotor imobiliário

What is a real estate developer?

#Concepts What is a real estate developer? Despite being “the engine of the locomotive” that pulls the entire real estate business, it …