All Included

Páteo das Maias offers a space with everything you need to live. The rent includes:

  • Water, electricity and Wi-fi
  • Weekly cleaning service
  • Equipment and Furniture
  • Towels and sheets*
*extra charge
Quarto Páteo das Maias
Entrada Páteo das Maias

The rectangular lot is separated from the public road by a wall with a door leading to a narrow and long central courtyard, where the entrances to each of the ten small single-story dwellings are distributed.


The “Páteo das Maias” is the result of the requalification of a housing complex, probably built in the first half of the 20th century in an industrial expansion area of Almada.

It has some of the typical characteristics of a working class village with an original low cost construction and high housing density.


The lofts are fully equipped and ready to live in. They all include:

Interior dos Lofts Páteo das Maias

2020 project

Architect Pedro Carvalho