Curricular internship in partnership with FCT

In an old workers’ building, Metathesis built the first building of Mini Lofts in the city of Almada.

The building is intended for the short-term rental market for young people, students and displaced people.

It is a unique concept where all expenses are included. On the other hand you will also have a weekly cleaning service. This is one of the great advantages of this type of housing: the ease and speed of contracting the service. Once you sign the rental contract, you are able to inhabit the space without having to go to the service companies, with all the inconveniences that this implies.

Another advantage of this type of housing is its centrality, since it is located two hundred and fifty meters away from the main accesses. Either to the capital, or to the Universities of the City of Almada you can opt for the surface Metro or through the excellent covering of public transports of the Council of Almada. In about ten minutes you can be in the capital.

Eight lofts, six single and two double, make up Páteo das Maias. The space varies from 15m2 to 18m2, and includes a mini living room equipped with a table and two chairs, a sofa, a TV, a board where you can write down your projects, and a mini kitchen equipped with a ceramic cooktop, microwave, exhaust fan, refrigerator, and water heater.

How was the Páteo das Maias designed?

The bathroom was designed with space and environmental concerns in mind, since the water from the shower can also be used in the toilet, thus avoiding water waste. On the other hand, A+ energy class equipment and led lighting were chosen.

Space was maximized: the bedroom is located above the bathrooms on a mezzanine. The lofts also have adequate storage space and a washing machine and dryer.

We prioritized safety. You can enter the Páteo through doors with SmartLocks where each user accesses via his or her cell phone. This is also a way to guarantee the security of future residents. In fact, this code is unique and serves only that user, being changed every time you enter.

Feel connected inside your Mini loft with the fast 1GB internet that will never fail, whether you are telecommuting or taking online classes.

Finally, we must highlight the care taken in the design, by the hands of Architect Pedro Carvalho.

The county was, in the last century, one of the main industrial centers of the country, mainly due to the naval industry. Thus the minimalist and industrial decoration was chosen. As materials were used wood, wrought iron, industrial brick, in a clear tribute to the initial use of the building.