Exploring Páteo do Fontinha: A New Era of Urban Life in Almada

Almada, a city steeped in history and dynamism, is witnessing the revival of yet another former workers’ village in the former industrial area of Cova da Piedade: Páteo do Fontinha. Designed by Metathesis with architect Pedro Carvalho, this innovative property project offers a new paradigm in youth housing, fusing comfort, style and a touch of local nostalgia.



Let's explore how Páteo do Fontinha will redefine urban life in Cova da Piedade in Almada

Renovation and revisiting history

Páteo do Fontinha has emerged as a beacon of urban renewal, preserving the region’s rich industrial heritage. The former owner, Mr. Fontinha, inspired the Páteo’s name.

Metathesis challenged architect Pedro Carvalho to take on the challenge of revitalising this historic space, giving life to a concept that goes beyond its walls. Each mini loft in Páteo do Fontinha pays homage to a Portuguese fountain, connecting residents with the unique history and identity of this area of Almada, recovering an ancient tradition of the city’s fountains, which were a very important way of supplying water to the population.

Innovation and Full Inclusion

Architect Pedro Carvalho brought a historical vision to the Páteo do Fontinha project, recognising the importance of offering an accessible and welcoming home for young students and professionals on their first experience of living alone or as a pair. To ensure the comfort and convenience of future residents, Metathesis has added an “all-inclusive” concept that goes beyond the basics. The Páteo do Fontinha lofts’ rental price includes the cost of water, electricity and internet, and weekly cleaning.

Vibrant Community and Social Spaces

In addition to his ability to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, Pedro Carvalho values the importance of community in urban life. The communal spaces at Páteo do Fontinha have been carefully designed to promote interaction and socialising between residents.

Strategic and Convenient Location

Metathesis’ vision for Páteo do Fontinha would not be complete without a strategic location that offers convenience to its residents. Situated close to public transport and all local amenities, Páteo provides easy access to a variety of shops, restaurants and services.

This proximity to the heart of Almada makes this building a reference point in terms of design and in terms of practicality and accessibility.

Páteo do Fontinha is the result of the bold and innovative vision of Metathesis and Pedro Carvalho, an architect committed to creating spaces that reflect the history and identity of a community and offer a truly enriching living experience.

If you’re a young person looking for a place to live in Almada where the past blends harmoniously with the present, then Páteo do Fontinha is your ideal destination. Come and explore this new icon in the former industrial area of Cova da Piedade and discover how Metathesis contributes to the improvement of the city of Almada.

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