Metathesis Collaboration

edugep in cooperation with almamundo - international association

Professional internships are fundamental for the future of our young people. Metathesis has collaborated in order to promote the integration of students in the work context through this very important instrument.

Indeed, and having as one of its basic principles that of social responsibility, the company seeks to contribute positively and constructively to the community in which it operates. This is the case of young people at the beginning of their careers and who have so much to learn in their curricular and professional internships in the work context. Indeed, these stages are extremely important for the future of the construction and real estate sector.

Following this mission and the partnership with Edugep, Dr. Isabel Dias Rodrigues, CEO of Metathesis, visited Almada Mundo – International Association last Friday. The targets were the students of the Computer Technician course for a conversation about Posture and attitudes in an Internship Context.

In this informal conversation, some recommendations for behaviors and attitudes to have during the internship were shared. These behaviors are in line with what companies expect to find in future professionals. That is, from the employer’s perspective, in order to prepare young people for their first contact with the business world.

In fact, Metathesis considers it important to make trainees aware of the need to invest in professional internships. This will be the first big work experience. In recent years, the company has collaborated with Edugep to receive its students in the same regime.

However, and in the path of this sense of social responsibility, Metathesis intends to go even further. And it intends to alert institutions to the need to create long-term training courses for the construction and real estate sector.

In collaboration with the same training school, prepare training plans for the different professions in these sectors in order to remove some stigmas associated with them and professionalize the sector.