Reabilitar ou renovar?

Rehabilitation or Renovation?

In recent years, there have been numerous projects of real estate rehabilitation that have appeared in a generalized way from north to south of the country, especially in the city centers. But is rehabilitating the best solution?

These rehabilitation projects are, in their great majority, praiseworthy. However, unfortunately, a large number of developers often take on “rehabilitation” operations when, in reality, they are just a face washing of the property. Although they leave it with an appealing exterior appearance, in reality, the pathologies remain. In reality, the building may not be safe for its future residents. Structurally, it may not have been subject to any intervention and true rehabilitation operations have not been carried out.

An example of this unfortunate reality is the frequent use of materials with characteristics incompatible with the already weak structure of the building. This can turn that property into a real time bomb.

In fact, to talk about rehabilitation in a serious way is to make a systematized, structural and deep analysis of the building. It means to ponder between rehabilitation or a real estate renovation operation that must involve, if the building is not safe, its demolition and new construction.

Managing a city’s real estate, with dignity, does not always involve rehabilitation. With the real estate pressure of the 80’s, cities suffered great changes and many of the real estate operations were true attacks to the city.

why consider renovation?

Rehabilitating these buildings can be more harmful to the city than we think. We should sometimes take advantage of the end of the useful life of these buildings to proceed with their demolition and give way to more sustainable buildings both from the point of view of the materials used and from the point of view of energy management.

Renewing the city is thinking about people.

To manage the city space is to create conditions to receive families in a dignified way.

Thus, we should not blindly and at all costs opt for rehabilitation, but rather make a true exercise of weighing between rehabilitation or renovation.

Rehabilitate or renovate should not be antonyms but options with a common goal: to improve the city. To welcome in the lap of the city families that work, walk, shop, have fun and can return at the end of the day to their safe, efficient and comfortable homes.

At Metathesis, each project is considered. We evaluate the possibility of rehabilitating the building or, on the contrary, proceed with a real estate renovation operation. After all, we believe this is the obligation of a real estate developer with social responsibility.