sustainability gestures

Sustainability is the order of the day, and rightly so. From Baby Boomers to Generation Z everyone accepts that we have to reduce the impact each of us has on the planet. What sustainability gestures can we adopt to make a change?

The need for all of us to minimize the damage caused by our passage on this blue planet of ours is more or less unanimous. In fact, scientists have already warned us that we need several planets just like ours to produce the goods we consume.

It is certain Metathesis could fall into the temptation of leaving the onus of sustainability to the large institutions. In fact, given our size, we know that our impact is small.

Therefore, we assume our share of responsibility and decide to change what is possible to change.

what sustainability gestures have we adopted?

In our environmental awareness, we are proud to bring young people to the city center. Most of them will travel by public transport, since our properties are located in central areas, close to the public transport network. We know that the main source of pollution is garbage. However, we make sure that they are collected by certified companies. This way we guarantee its valorization. We also have collaboration protocols with non-profit entities for the collection of monos. These entities give it to those who can make use of it.

We give the used paper to a charity institution that sells it to an organization that recycles it. These funds go to social causes.

On the other hand, in our office we separate the garbage and we don’t use plastic bottles even in meetings.

We avoid printing what is not absolutely necessary and all the furniture in our office is used and recovered.

These are small gestures, indeed, but it is the beginning of our journey.