What is a real estate developer?

Despite being “the engine of the locomotive” that pulls the entire real estate business, it may not be clear to you what a real estate developer is and what its importance is. Today, we switch the topic around.


o que é um promotor imobiliário

The real estate sector is vital to our country, of that no one doubts – after all, it represents about 12% of the Portuguese GDP.  It is in this scenario that real estate developers take on special importance, as they are “the engine of this locomotive”. 

What are real estate developers? And what do they do?

The real estate developer is responsible for articulating the entire conception of a development. He conducts studies to identify market opportunities, verifies the feasibility of the project and its construction, is responsible for defining all the details of the properties, and accompanies their construction and sale.

The developer can build for itself or for subsequent sale, delivery, or transfer to third parties, under any title.

Regardless of the size of the real estate project, the developer indirectly employs dozens of professionals and companies

To materialize a project, a real estate developer manages all these steps:

Seeks funding for the project
consulting services for estate planning
Hires Architects and Engineers to design the project
takes care of all the necessary permits to start the work
hires and supervises the construction company
deals with publicizing the enterprise and contracting the real estate agents

In case of breach of contract by either party (builder or mediator), the developer is responsible for its legal resolution.

What is the difference between real estate developer, builder and real estate agent?

The three terms create confusion as they work in symbiosis in the real estate world.

In a short and simplified way, the real estate developer is responsible for identifying opportunities, handling permits, and coordinating all parties. The builder develops the work as it was envisioned in the real estate developer’s project. Finally, real estate agents handle the promotion and sale of the properties.

It identifies market opportunities, deals with licenses, hires professionals, creates partnerships, and coordinates all stages of the project.

He does the civil construction of the development and coordinates the project with the architect in charge, so that the properties meet expectations.

Responsible for advertising the properties, scheduling visits and closing the sale. 

What are the obligations of a real estate developer?

a) Have legal authority over the site where you intend to build.

b) Provide the project manager with the necessary documentation and prior information for the preparation of the project.

c) Manage and obtain the mandatory administrative licenses and permits.

d) Contract the construction services, inspections, certifications and others to guarantee the complete fulfillment of the projects.

d) Underwrite the insurance as the owner of the work.

e) Securing administrative licenses and certifications as soon as required by the competent authorities.


Metathesis is a real estate developer with 19 years of history, solidity and many innovative concepts realized

Metathesis was born in 2003, in Almada, and it’s specialized in real estate projects of urban rehabilitation and renovation.

In these 19 years we have rehabilitated more than 50 properties in the residential segment, where we are specialists, and contributed to renovate not only the degraded buildings, but also all the surrounding area and brought to the city young couples that contribute to the local economy and social dynamics of the cities.

The projects with Metathesis signature create a value proposition for our clients and reflect a unique lifestyle. We idealize innovative concepts, in which architecture and design act in symbiosis with the urban environment.

Some of the completed projects