Rehabilitate or Renovate

In recent years there have been numerous real estate rehabilitation projects that have appeared widely from north to south of the country especially in the centre of cities.

The majority of these rehabilitation projects are praiseworthy.

 I said “the majority” because unfortunately numerous owners either private or corporate, often carry out alleged “rehabilitation” operations when in reality what they do is just a “face wash” of the property, leaving it with a beautiful exterior but with the same structure, and, in reality the building cannot offer safe conditions for their future residents because structurally it might not have been subjected to any profound rehabilitation.

An example of that unhappy reality is the frequent use of materials and equipment with specifications, weight and size that are incompatible with the already weak structure of the building which can make this property a true time bomb.

In fact, to talk about rehabilitation seriously is to make a systematic, structural and thorough analysis of the building and to consider either the rehabilitation or a renovation operation that should, in case that building does not offer security conditions, go through its demolition and new construction.

Managing the real estate of a city, with dignity, doesn’t always require rehabilitation. With the real estate pressure of the 1980s, cities underwent major changes and many of the real estate operations were true attacks on the city.

Rehabilitating these buildings may be more detrimental to the city than taking advantage of the buildings’ lifespan to end their demolition and making them more sustainable buildings from the point of view of the materials used and from the point of view of energy management.

To renew the city is to think of the people.

Managing the city space is creating conditions to receive families with dignity.

Therefore, we should not, blindly and at all costs, opt for rehabilitation but make a real balancing exercise between rehabilitation and renewal.

Rehabilitating or renewing should not be enemies but go hand in hand like two sisters walking side by side with one common goal: to welcome families who work in the city, stroll in the city, shop in the city, have fun in the city and can return at the end of the day to their safe, efficient and comfortable dwellings.

At Metathesis, every project is considered to have a correct assessment and choice between rehabilitation of the building or, on the contrary, to undertake a property renovation operation because this is believed to be the obligation of a responsible real estate developer.

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